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I need to change my email address from namvet77@*****.com to hikenbike77@*****.com.  Hope that is not a problem.  Thanks.

Don Genesse

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Thanks for bringing this up, as many members don’t realize you can change your email address, password, and screen name.

To change your email (password, screen name, etc), click on the menu bar (three white lines) in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on “Account”, then “Account Settings”. To the right of your email address you can click on “change”. 

As always, I’m happy to assist if needed. 


PS - I’ve edited out your actual email addresses, and discourage anyone from posting a real email address on the public pages of the site. If you need to share an email address I’d suggest you do it via private message. Because these pages can be seen by the public, they can also be read by “bots” who will save, then sell your email address to spammers...  disappointing, I know, but it’s the world we live in...

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