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Back up camera wiring

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I have a open wire between my back up camera and my Sony monitor.  The wiring diagrams show that is a single Svideo cable. However, I have a Svideo cable connector end on the camera end and a different Svideo cable connector on the monitor end.  From the monitor In the dash I traced the Svideo cable for about a foot or so and the cable is divided into a single video coax, a single audio coax, and two other # 18 black and white wires. Does anyone have any idea where the Svideo cable from the camera gets converted this single video and single audio cables. Also does anyone have a idea why someone did this?  It appears that it could have been done at the factory. I traced the cable/wires on the monitor end, under the dash until they went into a group of other wires going some where!  

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Last fall, I discovered that my Sony backup camera had quit.  I had a great experience with Tim at RV Cams.  I sent him my camera and he confirmed that it was dead, and he suggested a plug in replacement.  He is quite familiar with the setup in my 2004 HR Imperial.  Last week, I had to move my RV and discovered that it did not switch on when I put the coach in reverse, although it worked normally when the backup camera was selected with the Aladdin joy stick.  I sent Tim an email and he responded immediately with the solution.  It turns out that I has inadvertently plugged the camera cord into the wrong input on the Sony monitor. 

I highly recommend that you contact him at www.rvcams.com

dick L. ‘04 Imperial

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Thanks Dennis & Dick. I have solved my problem.  I have a 2004 Monaco Windsor and I hope others with a similar camera system may benefit from my problem.  The coach has a discontinued Sony VCB-MHD1 monitor and the associated camera.  I had a video loss from the camera but the audio was still working fine. I removed the camera from the rear of the coach and connected it directly to the monitor and video and audio work perfectly. So I started troubleshooting a cable/connection problem. The backup camera system tech drawings state the the cable is Svideo. That is incorrect, it has a totally unique cable/connection. Starting with the monitor the connector is a special 6 pin dim like connector. However, it is a special Sony unique connector. Within about 2 feet this Sony cable gets converted into a audio RCA cable and a video RCA cable. This is all in the dash.

Starting from the camera there is about a 2 foot pigtail that connects to Sony unique connector/cable.  Somewhere between this connection and the dash it gets converted to the 2 RCA cables. After a days or so of scratching my head I found extra slack in the camera cable and about another 2 feet after the Sony unique connector, I found the same conversion that was at the monitor end!  I couldn’t see this second connection due to the small location camera hole. The video cable had some corrosion so I cleaned the connection and now have everything working. 

The RV’s we drive and love sure do offer us a challenge at times. Thanks again. 

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I'm going through something similar.  Someone had gone in a spliced, really a hatchet job with black tape, and cheap black tape at that at both ends.  6 pin connector at camera, which I am looking to replace with something better.  Same with monitor, current one is junk.  Hoping with the use of adaptors to use the current cable from rear to a new monitor.  Hard to figure out what exactly happened at the dash end, splicing and black tape.  I will be looking more closely at it soon once I find a new camera/monitor that I want to install.  Willing to listen to any ideas on new camera/monitor, but would like to go with a 10 inch quad screen monitor.  I don't like taking my eyes off the road for too many seconds to check my monitor.  LOL.

thanks, Woody

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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