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vinyl graphics protectant

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I have read in several places that the vinyl graphics on the coach should not be waxed but should be protected with a product designed for the job. I have searched on this forum and can not find any recommendations. What do you use to protect the graphics on your coach?

Tom B 2001 Diplomat

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Those of you who have been to the Monaco Harrisburg, Oregon repair facility might remember Mary Moppins seminar on outside wall products.  Mary was not a fan on waxes that contained petroleum based waxes.  The build up on the surface tends to destroy vinyl graphics.  Her product Advantage is a waterless wash that when used provided a film that restricted ultra violent light from the sun from destroying the graphics.  Try goclean dot com for more information.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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My previous MH which I had for 16 years had vinyl graphics on it and they still looked great when I sold it without a sign of cracking or crazing.  Compare that with a friend living in Las Vegas who had the same MH but used a different product (and swore by it) than I did.  Both of out units sat outside year around.  I know it gets a lot hotter in LV than StL but doesn't really explain the difference in the way our MHs looked.

He used 303 Protectorant.  I've always used Protect-All.  It kept the gelcoat looking nice as well as the graphics.  The rubber trim around the windows still looked great.  I used it to keep the windows clean because it made removing bugs a lot easier.  

My recommendation to preserve your graphics would be to use  on them and everything else.



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I'm a bit surprised that the Protect-All worked better than the 303 on vinyl.

I've used both, and the Protect-All is more like a wax coating, where the 303 soaks into the surface more.

Nothing beats 303 on tires and rubber, but I used Protect-All on my race car, with it's vinyl lettering, and it held up well, though it was always stored indoors.
I like the fact that it's fast and easy to apply as well.

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