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Request information on this lift pump (I want to install a pressure gauge).

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2002 Knight PBD32.  Cummins ISB 24V.  106,000 M and I'm starting to get worried about the age/mileage on the Bosch VP44 high pressure fuel pump, and this unknown lift pump.  My research tells me the first step is to monitor pressure off the lift pump. All the undercoating makes it hard to see if there is a nameplate.









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You may be better off tapping in with your fuel pressure sensor on the output side of the secondary fuel filter. You may have to add a "T", but, this will give you a better reading on what pressure is actually being delivered to the injection pump. I did mine 1 1/2 years ago. My best reading, if memory serves, was about 8 psi. Not too good so I added aftermarket pump just behind fuel tank, now runs between 12 and 16 psi. I have a couple of pics and other details if your interested.

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My 02 Knight has the 300 hp ISB engine and the lift pump may be different from yours. The photo shows my lift pump from the bottom view. Following a failure of my main fuel injection pump at 100K miles, I realized how important sufficient lift pump pressure is. So I installed a simple red led warning lignt on the dash. It is accuated by a pressure switch on a fitting on top of the second fuel filter inlet, shown if the second photo. With this system the red light is off as long as the lift pump pressure is above 5 psi. Since that install, it has warned me of lift pump failure at 113k miles and 136k miles so I am now on my third lift pump. If I buy the pump at best price on the internet and install it myself it is not a big problem. 

Scott Jordan




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The old adage stands. Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles YOU.

The lift pump only runs for about 30 to 45 seconds then shuts down until the next time you cycle the ignition switch.

Bob U  2000 Dip with 127,000 miles

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Robert, my sincere apologies, I am new on this forum, and, a bit challenged with this digital world. I just rec'd the weekly notice and found your note. Here is a link to the gentleman's article that guided my upgrades.


I opted for the gauge rather than the light. I figured I was already doing the work and the gauge would be more informative. I did mount my gauge in the dash, there was a nice spot for it. 

I went with an Airdog Raptor 4-G aftermarket pump and made a bracket for it and the primary fuel filter just behind the fuel tank mounted to the frame rail. Pumps in general push better than they suck. 



I think you will find that your pump runs continuously when the engine is running. When you key on the pump runs long enough to pressurize the system, then logic shuts it down until the engine is cranked and running.

Best of luck to you.

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I just finished replacing the lift pump and installing the low pressure switch.  I'm adding some pics detailing where to pick up the key on circuit and how to remove the lift pump.  After priming the lift pump a few times it started.  I am pleased with the operation of the led light, and ready should the pump fail on me when I'm on the road.

STEP 0.jpg

STEP 2.jpg

STEP 3.jpg

STEP 3A.jpg

STEP 4.jpg

STEP 5.jpg

STEP 6.jpg

STEP 7.jpg


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