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Quick Disconnect Air Line

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I have this quick disconnect air line located in the rear of my coach 2004 Holiday Rambler Navigator. 
 Can it be used to inflate my tires or for something else?  I’m considering installing Air Force One Brake System on my tow vehicle. 
Could this quick disconnect air line be used?  


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I doubt you can use this for the air brake in the tow because you need air that’s coming from the brake peddle. I am not familiar with the brake you mentioned,  my Roadmaster dingy air brake works with the coach brake. 
You could use this for tire pressure depending on the tire pressure required, my tires require about 115lbs and the air in the dry tank has to be at full charged to give me that pressure.


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96 EVO I assume you have AF1 if so are there any pros and cons?

Rick A could you tell me more about the Roadmaster System? It was suggested to me that Demco Air Force One was ideal for RV’S with air systems

Ivylog definitely will check for air 

Thank you all for response.

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This is the unit I purchased second hand. It was very simple to install. The instructions I believe are on the Roadmaster site. 
My rig had a spare take-off on the brake line and fitting into my Ford Escape was easy. It’s works great has a light on the coach dash!

Here is a link. 



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Darren, I do. Great aux brake system, can't think of any con's.

Purchased the coach with the AF1 system already installed in it, and paid a "qualified" installer, to do the towed install.

The 'tech' screwed up and drilled a self tapping screw right thru the towed's floorboard into it's brake booster! Interesting first trip south, with lot's of over the phone support from the old SMI. 

Long story short, Cost the business that did the install over $5,000 to have my towed's brakes replaced, and brake booster. Had this fix done in a shop around Palm Springs, did excellent work.

Funny thing, I only lost about 0.5 mpg dragging a towed with the anchor deployed for over 2000 mi. Even though I had unplugged the air supply to the AF1, each morning before travel I would run the towed engine for 5 min as recommended. I guess due to the front disc brake calipers getting so hot on the initial pull, the caliper pistons were warped, and would once again hold the rapidly disintegrating pads against the rotors. Took me a couple of day's to realize this, and don't touch the brake pedal when I start the towed's engine. 

I've been very pleased with the AF1 system since it was properly installed.


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