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03 Neptune R4R Front Brake Rotor

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My Neptune has had the right front brake lock up a couple times and my mechanic has found blackened spots on the rotors.  They do not appear out of round and did not pulse when stopping.  He wants to replace them but we don't know where to look.

I've searched the Parts List and don't see much on the hydraulic brakes.

Is there a source for the rotors or a supplier that would help or whatever. 

This is on a 2003 Neptune 300ISB 36foot.  The coach only has 64,000 miles and I have had it for only 4 years.  It seems to have been taken care of but all that is unknown.

Thank you for any help.

Dale Noel

03 Neptune

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Here is a picture of part number location on mine. Got a replacement at napa, cheaper than having it shipped. BTW, a rotor is hardly causing lockup. If it is as good as you say, I would leave it alone after fixing the lockup cause.


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