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New Windshield at RV Glass Solutions in Lakeland FL


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We had an appointment at RV Glass Solutions for a new windshield installation on Monday morning, the day after the end of the 2020 Monacoers Gathering at Lazy Days RV Resort in Seffner FL.

We stayed Sunday night inside their gated side yard with 50 amp service. At 8 am Monday morning Richard (service manager) & Cory (service tech) greeted me to get checked in for service.

After check-in we went into the customer service lounge to wait for the installation to be completed.

During check-in they noticed that my rain drip rail which is located directly above the windshield was severely cracked. I asked as to what I could do and they stated that they will install a new one which will be included. I said that their home office in Oregon told me that I would have to go some other place to have that replaced as they do not do that. They then said that they hear that more times than not about the home office. So it pays to talk directly to the installation staff.

Richard looked at my original windshield and said that it was manufactured in Italy based on the small sign on the passenger side. Coach Glass & RV Glass Solution has ALL of their glass make in Turkey. The new windshield and rain drip rail was completed by 10:30 am and the coach was ready for travel by 2:30 pm as there is a 4 hour wait time before moving it. The original gasket was still in perfect condition plus they do NOT recommend replacing it unless it is damaged in some way.

The new windshield has a slight green tint to it compared to the original windshield in addition to the dark sun block area at the top. I actually prefer this look as compared to the OEM one.

I also had them take measurements of four different side windows for possible replacement with their tinted laminated glass that comes with a lifetime warranty. When I am ready, I will order them from the shop in Oregon, shipped to Lakeland FL and installed there at a later date.

I strongly recommend both Coach Glass & RV Glass Solutions for ALL of your glass needs. Coach Glass is the manufacture and supplier of over 60% of all glass in the vehicle industry and their sister company, RV Glass Solutions is the company that does the installations.

Coach Glass web site - https://coachglass.com/

RV Glass Solutions we site - https://www.rvglassexperts.com/about_us.html

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I've heard good things about RV Glass Solutions. I need to take my coach there (I have a stress crack now).  I bought a crack repair kit  - for now. The kit didn't do much to "fill" the crack but I did drill a hole at the end of the crack so hopefully it wont get any bigger.

This is my second windshield crack in the last year and a half.

Someone (maybe it was you) at the Monacoers rally was telling me there are two windshield glass manufacturers, "Coach Glass" and "Guardian Glass", and one of those windshields is a little thicker (better?) than the other.  But I don't remember which was said to be better.

Do you know which  manufacturer has the better glass?  My coach has CoachGlass in it now.

Beaver Windshield Crack 2020.jpg

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Not sure which is thicker, Guardian or Coach Glass but I am very happy with the glass that was installed from Coach Glass & the service shop in Lakeland FL, RV Glass Solutions. If you are having stress cracks which Coach Glass does not warranty, you may have a front cap structural problem or a hydraulic jack problem causing the chassis to tweak.

My glass was primarily damaged due to stones one of which was large but never ran and one which was microscopic and one day decided to send out a crack which grew steadily over the next year. After driving the coach that way for over three years I finally decided to get a new one.

I have never had any problems with stress cracks and my coach has air leveling.

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My first crack was due to a leveling malfunction. The second crack happened a couple of weeks ago and I was not using the coach (must have cracked due to temp changes).

I hope RV Glass Solutions can figure this out (and properly check the fit of the windshield before installing).


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