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Entryway Step Light


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I did find THIS post which states they are Ford license plate lights.  Of course that's just a teaser since Ford has been making many models for about 100 years now.  It does show the assembly which helps quite a bit for removing it.

I did remove the light and found the number 994.555-00 stamped on the light,  That crosses to a Hella Marine 2JA 958126-001 Step Light

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I installed the new LED Hella Step Lamp  in the stair well.  Quite a bit brighter than the original.  I'll replace the second one today.  On the photo, the lower step has the new LED light.  I have a spare which I would like to use to illuminate the door handle.  How do you folks find the interior door handle at night?  I suppose a strip of reflective tape might help but figure one of you master minds have figured out a solution?

Hella Step Well Light.JPG

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