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Food for thought. Air compressor edition.

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Cummings ism M11 500hp

 So to make a really long story short I will try to cut out the fat.

A couple weeks ago my air dryer safety blow off valve failed.

After replacing the valve the purge valve leaked constantIy so I decided since it's a 20 year old Midland haldex DA33100 X air dryer that I would replace it.  I received the new unit and installed  It pretty easily. After starting the motor and getting the air compressor running I constantly leak air through the control line AKA governor line AKA unloader line.  Would not build any pressure past 10 pounds after loads of research and  Bench testing the new unit I finally figured out it was a defective re man air dryer..

Moving forward I completely refurbish the original with all bran new parts and some solid cleaning.  

HHere's where it gets good.

AAfter starting the unit to build pressure no leaks and everything was working as it should.   After emptying some air out to make sure it would rebuild air pressure I found that the air compressor would no longer cut in. 

 Figuring the governor was badd I replaced that is well to no prevail. If I remove the control line to the air dryer the governor will cut in and will build air pressure. No airflow comes out of the control line or into the air dryer but for some reason....

I have air coming into the unloader line at the governor.. My question to all U  Experts is it possible the unloader valve in the compressor is badd and leaking air into the governor and sending it to the air dryer.. The governor is directly mounted To the air compressor with in open Port that connects the 2. The unloader line on the governor goes directly to the air dryer. 


How in the heck am I getting air In the  unloader line...


Good luck guys banks if anybody responds.



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