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Air Spring Replacement Part No.

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Just started our latest journey and one of my air bags developed a small leak. I'm trying to find a shop in the Kansas City area that can do the work to replace all 8 springs. Any recommendations would be appreciated. To minimize our lost time, I would like to  order in advance the needed airbags. Does anyone have the part numbers for the air bags on a 1998 Holiday Rambler Imperial (RR8S chassis)? Thanks in advance.

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Unless you find another member here with the same coach quickly who actually knows what the part number for your air bags is, it may be quicker to remove one to get the number off of it and then find a supplier who has them in stock.

If memory serves me correctly, Firestone rings a bell as to one of the manufacturers.

Did you happen to look in the Monacoers Parts List first?

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