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Headlights in a 2005 HR Scepter


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I have been trying to figure out what LED headlights to buy for my 2005 HR Scepter.  I know they take type H9 Halogen lamps for both high and low beams, but when reviewing postings I get confused, so I thought I'd go to some vendors for info.  It appears that M4 products is a pretty reliable vendor, and headlight revolution (https://www.headlightrevolution.com/search?keywords=customer service) is also highly recommended for good info.  Of course their online lamp selector wants to know what make of CAR I have, and of course, Monaco or Holiday Rambler don't exist among their choices, but it occurred to me that if I knew what car is the source of the headlight assembly in my coach (2005 Scepter), perhaps I could approach these vendors with that information and see what they suggest.  I saw a suggestion to see what the OEM number is on the assembly, but I can't see a number on it.  Attached is a picture of the headlight.

Two Headlighs resized.jpg

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