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Friction door hinges.

Ray Davis

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1 hour ago, Ray Davis said:

I think these hinges have been mentioned on here previously, but has anyone tried them?   If they preform as promised it seems like a great modification,  and only 32.95


2020102629-2S.jpg?v-cache=1608273257     No need to remove existing hinge

I reached out to Lippert to ask about fitment on a Monaco coach (since the doors aren’t made by Lippert). Long story short I got a non-answer from their Tech Support, which was more or less “there’s no reason they shouldn’t fit, but we haven’t tried it and can’t guarantee it will fit. Let us know if it works…”

They fit in the spaces between your existing hinges, so the install seems like it would be relatively easy. 

I haven’t tried them yet, but may… after I get my current list of projects worked down some. 😂

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I have friction hinges on my 2019 Keystone Montana High Country 384BR.

I hate them. They don't work that great if the wind is above 10 mph, they make an awful squeaking noise. I've oiled them, doesn't help.

The only thing that does help is to pour water on them and that works for an hour or so.

I actually considered replacing them with regular hinges somehow until I decided to sell the unit and move to the Monaco.

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After 16 years I had to take the the OEM arm off and beat the center pivot to tighten it up. Previously, every 5-6 years I had to bend the arm that sticks out to increase the friction. May only last another 7-8 years before needing to replace the the pivot if pounding on it doesn’t work.

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I've done my share of pounding on that door arm myself.   Mine is working pretty good right now but it'll need pounding or bending again eventually.                                Friction hinges on various devices seem to be the cats meow lately.

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