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ABC ATC Camera gone wild

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I’ve looked on other forms and have read issues with the ABS and the ATC light coming on.  The other day I was having the same issue my ABC light was on the ATC light was on and my Aladdin engine status was going crazy. The camera would come on without hitting any buttons and it would switch from right to left then rear. I would switch it back to engine status drive another 5 miles and the camera would start going crazy again. I pulled over checked all the fuses got back in the RV was getting ready to get the book out turned it on and all the lights were out everything is working normally. I’ve driven it about another hundred miles and everything is normal. I’m getting ready for a long trip and if it does it again was wondering if anybody has had this issue. Thanks Kevin

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Yes I did replace my fuel filter and had to replace the cable going from the filter to the plug-in because through the years people taking the filter off wrong. the wires got all twisted up and started shorting out

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Maybe clip an ohm meter on the wires going to that fuel filter plug (water sensor?) and start wiggling wires, in case that plug / wire repair wasn't up to par . . . . but with all that going on I doubt that's the problem. 

In my case only the ATC light started coming on.  I don't have an Aladdin system.  Also, the light would come on as more throttle was applied.  At first only a flicker of ATC light then a thousand or two miles later it only needed slight throttle for the ATC light to go solid.  I only changed the primary fuel filter, where the wire / sensor is on the secondary fuel filter (2003 HR Endeavor / Cummins ISC / Roadmaster RR8R). 

Good luck,

- bob

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