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Sanicon Turbo 600S Macerator With Lay Flat Hose


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With my Sanicon Turbo 600S I have been using 1 1/2" Lay Flat Discharge Hose this summer.  I bought a 300' roll and cut several lengths; 25', 50' and 75'.  I put 1 1/2" plastic hose couplings on each end and use a piece of 1 1/2" coolant hose to join them when needed.  I also have two of the 21' flex hoses from Sanicon that I join which gives me a total length of around 190'.  I left 150' at my stick house this year but will bring at least 50' of that next season.

I had occasion to use all 190' twice and shorter lengths a number of times, all on relatively level ground.  The lay flat hose works great and doesn't take much storage space.  There have been zero issues with flow and that large hose sure gets the job done in a hurry, 100+ gallons in less than 10 minutes on flat ground.  The one restriction on the lay flat is that it cannot have any kinks, the run must be fairly straight.  If I need to go around a corner I would place a Sanicon flex hose in that position.

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1 minute ago, willbo777 said:


When you installed the new Sanicon did you have to rewire with a larger wire for the increased amperage?  This is a project I want to do this winter.

Yes it uses a 35 amp fuse which requires larger wire depending on the length of the run.  I used 10 gauge.

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