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Making Fixed Basement Side panels Open and latch closed

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New to us 2004 HR Scepter 40PDQ RR8S.  I have noticed on my coach that "all" of the basement side panels are hinged at the top. Some are permanently down with screwed brackets at the bottom. I have seen a post where the owner replaced these links on one of his covers with over center hasps from McMaster Carr. Looked like a great way to hold covers down but can be opened as needed. I would like to be able to open the 4 over the wheel wells. This would make measuring air bags pretty easy as I will be replacing the leveling valve plastic end fitting on the links and will have to adjust valves to get the correct ride height. I am going to replace shocks in the near future. it would also make getting to the top screw and nut much easier, I think. Wondering if anyone has worked thru opening these covers? 

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I had used that latch idea and added a door on the 'other side' of the holding tank door on my Endeavor. It worked great, and opened up plenty of additional room.

After many hours crawling around under my Camelot to work on the ride-height valves and tubing, I've been thinking about opening those wheel well doors too.  So I'm watching with great interest! 

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looked inside panels. There is lots of foam that was installed to make the compartment forward and behind water tight. Getting ready for a trip so working on other things.


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Working on air leak in the rear driver side air bag circuit. While monitoring the pressure in one of the air bags, I had a few minutes to attack the foam inside the wheel well covers. Used my Ryobi Oscillating saw with the blade turned 90 degs. The non-serrated side of the blade cut thru the foam pretty easy. Removed excess foam and left foam that was at the interface between the wheel cover and the forward and rear  bulkheads/compartments. In about 20 minutes, I had the wheel well cover up and had very good access to airbag top fittings and the hoses running to the tees at the frame rail. Picked up 8 new DOT 1/4" MNPT to 1/4" tubing and 20 foot of hose on the way home from storage. Also great access to the top of the shocks. As it will be rare that I have to get into these compartments, I will reinstall the screws. I have had the single screw into the steel frame shear the head off when trying to remove. I removed the two screws into the fiberglass of the cover. Will wire brush and PB the screws in the metal just incase they have to be removed at some time.

Looking at front compartments, they do not look that easy to open. Will look at again but think the door and Forward Electrical Compartment overlap the front wheel well covers


HRS wheel skirt 99.JPG

HRS wheel skirt 98.JPG

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