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Have to activate right turn signal manually.


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We have had the problem with our right turn signal for the past several years. Occasionally it works on it own. We checked the bulb, it works. We changed the socket, same problem. A mechanic suggested rewiring from the side marker. Since we are not the most mechanically inclined we have not undertaken this task yet. Our work around is to manually push the turn signal up repeatedly when making a right turn. I would also note that the issue started when we wired our car to tow behind the RV. It was wired previously to pull our truck. 

I have opened the ends on the umbilical cord to check for loose wires and also the connection on RV and car. Everything seems secure. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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We installed separate lights for towing in both car and truck we previously pulled. Before when we pulled only the truck, no problem. Now if we pul the truck, same situation, mostly doesn’t blink. Front and right side do blink always when signal is activated

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Have you tried the signal without the toad connected? ... or ... Does the  problem occur that way too?

If it only happens with toad connected there could be a a bad ground or some other wiring problem in the toad's wiring.

If the problem is still the same with the toad NOT connected,  check for a bad ground in the RH lighting wiring.

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