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Muffler replacement

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9 hours ago, Paul Busch said:

Does anyone know what muffler I need for a 2005 signature Castle 4 with series 60 engine?

thanks paulb


If you’re talking about an exact replacement, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any data on brand/model. But, many people have used the AeroTurbine 5050XL as a replacement. I used one until the inlet tube cracked due to bad stainless welds, and replaced that with a similar DynaFlex from Summit Racing. Basically, you just need to match the overall length and make sure the replacement isn’t larger in diameter than the height of the original oval one. Unless your exhaust has been customized, you should have 5-inch inlet and outlet sizes. I left the original brackets in place but replaced the hanger straps with the second aftermarket installation at about 10 years old.

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https://www.dynaflexproducts.com/  are the largest Mfg. of Class 8 Truck exhaust components in the U S A. Great catalogue. As George C. suggested, measure your existing muffler, and look at their catalogue. They sell thru distributors, and you can usually order from any Class 8 truck service center. 

I went straight pipe on my ISX 525. Much quieter than the truckers running 2,  6-8" stacks. 

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