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slides don't work

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I wouldn’t rule it out too quickly. Those buttons by the side compartments doors can get stuck sometimes and if they’re stuck in or something is wrong with them it will give you this kind of a problem I would check all those buttons

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I talked with Brett this morning and thought I would post what happened and to provide additional information about how HWH slides work when you have a house multiplex system with a programmable CPU module like what Brett and I have in our coaches.

Brett was able to verify that power was going to the hydraulic pump relay but it was not engaging.  So, he jumped across the relay to operate the pump and pull in the slides.

The house multiplex Intellitec CPU program controls the slide operation.  On his coach and others with an Intellitec PMC CPU module typically do not have bin door interlocks.  The slides on these coaches usually can be operated with the doors open or closed.  The slides can also be closed with the engine running.  I've actually used that feature when I had a slide starting to creep out and pulled it back in while driving down the road.

The only interlock is that the slide out buttons won't work if the engine ignition is turned on.

The above info typically applies to Dynasty and above models with a house multiplex Intellitec programmable PMC CPU module.

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