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TriMark bay door handle broke

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We were camping this weekend and it was time to dump and refill the fresh water tank.

I pulled the paddle handle, and it partially broke. Fortunately I was planning on upgrading to chrome handles and I had the replacement on hand to study and replace the old one when I got it out.

The paddle operates a shaft with a cam on the end that rotates a plate that has four arms with holes for various installations. There is also a locking mechanism that prevents the plate from rotating when locked.

One end of the shaft is round (approximately 8.7mm) and the other is a Double-D (approximately 5mm across the flats).

I studied the replacement and was planning on drilling some holes to be able to rotate the plate, but when I examined the the failed lock I found I could pry the old paddle off and turn the shaft with a 1/4” wrench to get the bay door open and replace the paddle mechanism. I did have to drill out the hole that the lock mechanism shaft went into It was a little too small.

This handle is on one of the bays that cantilevers up. Note that Monaco riveted a plate over the lower section to provide somewhere on the handle to pull the bay door down.











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