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3rd AC Unit


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We had an 'Atrium' model HR Endeavor several years ago.  Finding that the big Atrium windows and windshield let in a lot of sun/heat in summer, even with the standard 2 AC units running on high, we installed a 3rd unit to replace the overhead kitchen vent. 

The coach had the standard 8k gen-set and had no problem running all 3 AC's at the same time, as long as we were attentive to what other appliances were also being used.  I made a separate 120vac line for it that I could either connect directly to the power pedestal when parked, or run to the block heater outlet/breaker for use when on the road.

Wasn't a very difficult job and it worked superbly, often joking that we could make now the interior cold enough to hang meat.

Good luck!

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Ron that is good to hear, I was going to power it off the 20 amp dryer circuit, with a relay to control which appliance to operate, my coach didn't come prewired for a 3rd AC unit. Since I put 2 new Dometic Blizzard units on a couple of years ago, I was thinking about adding another 15K unit  and controlling it with the CCC2 thermostat.

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At first blush, I'd say your idea should work, Gary.  Dunno though, if you have an EMS system, they can act strange at times.

It's been a few years and I don't remember exactly how I wired it in the panel, but I think I switched out one single AC breaker for a tandem breaker in the main box.  I used a heavy-duty DPDT-center-off appliance switch to control mine when changing power sources.

As an aside, when I was redoing the power, I ran another line from each AC breaker in the panel to the floor area near the AC's and installed outlets so I could plug in little cube heaters when needed.  That way, I wasn't doubling-up on drawing off big loads on a line.  I also couldn't think of a time when I'd be using an AC and a heater simultaneously, so it seemed like an obvious choice.

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