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Slideout adjustment

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2003 Dynasty 42’ princess.  Living room slide won’t fully retract on bottom.  Lacks 3/4” front & back.  Is the adjustment the rods along the tubes below the slide OR… does anyone recommend anyone close to Arkansas (Northern area)?



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Cuz Eddie's question on air "full air"

He meant was the air syatem fully charged, jacks if you have them UP, HHW in travel mode and at ride height ready to go BEFORE pulling in the slide.   

If you are in a spot that is not real level and pull in slides the situation you had could occur.  Often you get away without being a full air and ride height BUT sometimes it does not work... may even cause damage.

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To expand on Twomed’s comments: I’m not sure if there is an adjustment you can make to bring the bottom in that last half inch. But I do know something about how to *improperly* retract a slide because I broke 2 slide locks in the last 4 years of ownership by doing it wrong before I read the instructions (I’m a slow learner). For my coach- a 2 slide ‘03 Dynasty with hydraulic leveling- the proper procedure is to extend the slide with full air on the suspension *before* leveling the coach, and to retract the slide *after* you build full air prior to bringing the slide in. It’s my theory that the opening in the sidewall “racks” slightly when on the levelers, preventing the locking mechanism to clear the seal and sidewall, which damages the slide lock- it’s a very tight opening. It could also create enough stress on the components to do things similar to what you’re experiencing. 

Now my question is What the heck do the slide locks- commonly seen on early 2000’s Monaco products- actually do? Can they be removed? 

PS. I owned a 2002 Dynasty with 2 slides and an air leveling system for 5 years and never had an issue with breaking slide locks. I think the problem occurs when you have hydraulic levelers. 

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You probably have the HWH slide assembly since you have slide locks. My advice is to not mess with it. It is very easy to make an adjustment and really screw something up. Your best bet is to take it somewhere that has an " Experienced " tech that knows HWH slides. I had a coach come into our shop from Texas with an HWH slide. Technicians had worked on adjusting the slide and made a complete mess out of it. It took my tech hours to undo everything the previous techs did and then adjust the slide correctly. They had it so far out of adjustment it busted a lock and wiped the puck lights off the ceiling inside as well as dented the corners of the slide roof. HWH slides are not very forgiving in regards to adjustments.

Before taking it somewhere check your hydraulic fluid reservoir to be sure it is topped off.

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