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Ride Height Not working in Front Properly

Bill C

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Perhaps someone in this group has come across this problem before, but I'm at a loss as to what the problem is. I've followed through the HWH Service Manual Troubleshooting guide with no help from it either. In manual and automatic, all air bags work fine and hold air normally. When in travel mode the drivers front air bag seems to empty and the coach leans heavily to the left and down in front. This first happened on our trip and it was terrible to drive. As soon as you turn the brake off (and put in drive) it automatically goes in to travel mode. I would level everything fine but as soon as it went in the travel mode it let air out on the front driver’s side. I finally pulled the travel fuse for the front air bags and it stopped letting the air out of the front driver’s side so I could drive it. Each air bag works fine manually, and the "travel" solenoids for the front both have 12 volts when in the travel mode. I've even tried replacing both travel solenoids in the front, to no avail. The troubleshooting guide seems to indicate as long as the travel fuses are good, and I have 12 volts and grounds at the travel solenoid then the control box and wiring are fine. Also, there is only one front leveling solenoid, so if it failed, both front air bags would deflate.

I have a 2001 Monaco Dynasty 40 Queen with a tag and the 10 air bag suspension system.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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I had the same problem back in 2018 but it was the front passenger side that would drop and lean heavily as soon as I released the park brake. I would raise that corner back up using the manual mode on the HWH panel but it would not stay there.

What I had to do in order to continue on our trip from the Adirondacks to Old Town Quebec was to bring the right front corner up to a reasonable level condition, then while holding one finger on the HWH panel to not let it turn off I released the brake, put it in gear and drove on. So I was driving with my left hand at the HWH panel and one hand on the steering wheel. I drove like that for about 10 miles from Golden Beach Campground to Blue Mountain Lake then pulled over to take a break and go through the variety store there. When we returned to the coach, I dump all air from the bags and started the engine. The coach raised up to proper ride height correctly and we drove on.

That condition has never happened again ever. I can only imagine that some solenoid got stuck open which caused the air bag to dump all air and not hold it at ride height.

Bill, the front 6-pack has 6 solenoids, two for ride height, two for raise and two for lower. The front air bags are not plumbed together, they are separate. In my case I believe that the right air bag Travel Solenoid had stuck open not closing properly. Whereas in your case it would have been the left air bag Travel Solenoid that has stuck open.


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