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where is the compressor on a Windsor 01


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Mine is between the front drive an the power steering pump, just below the injection pump. Does your pressure gauge move at all? For me when i leave the coach in storage i open all the tank drains to drain, are you sure someone is not messing with you an opened one. I have 2 up front and 1 in the rear.

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Do you have pressure in the tanks? If you do, sounds to me like you have a bad low air pressure switch. Crawl underneath and pull the wire off of sender. If you have air pressure in the tanks (over 60#) it should turn off. Some front tanks have 2 switches, rear tank only 1. I believe it to be a grounding pressure switch. Mine went bad on the road and all I could locate at time was a 90# so needless to say always had buzzer on longer than necessary. If your traveling pull the wire and monitor your air pressure. If you pull the wire on the correct sender only, the other one should still warn of low air pressure in system. Check online for correct pressure setting and thread size when you have time to shop. Don't get screwed buying on the road as long as the other low air works I personally would drive to destination. I believe 60# is correct pressure for switch.


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