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Help! Slide Floor Ideas

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I have a 2007 diplomat 40SKQ. I am wanting to change the drivers front slide to vinyl plank flooring. Trying to figure out how to make a transition on the front/inside of slide where it makes a bump out has me stunned. Maybe someone that has done this model can share some expertise and pictures. Thanks in advance.


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just did 12 mm chery laminate from front to back including flush floor slide room. Ended up wrapping the transition plastic strip in indoor outdoor brown carpet from home depot. The floor wedges where still higher than the new floor. Also had to add a section of plastic in the middle as the 2 factory pieces dont cover the entire length of the transition. Used the 12mm floor so as to replicate the original thickness of the removed floor



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I went to Menards and bought 18:x18" peel & stick carpet tiles by Ozite.  I cut the tiles in half and (at the advice of their carpet guy) used 2-sided carpet tape to keep them in place.   The tiles hang in the air a few inches when the slide is retracted, so hallway runner is used to cover up the toe tripper.  When the slide is extended, the carpet tiles lay flat.   If/when I redo the carpet tiles, I'll cut the ribs front-to-back rather than side-to-side, to help them flop over onto the floor.  PXL_20220110_202642669-2.thumb.jpg.c70117a6c1fb191f6b9e3b410d8f00d2.jpg PXL_20220110_201745175-2.thumb.jpg.33c74ceb162849cfaf40aafb730a36df.jpg

Bill Klaes
'05 Diplomat 40' DST


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I ended up going with carpet planks. I did not like the height gap when the slide would be retracted for traveling. The carpet planks are pretty simple and easy to do. I reused the ABS black sheeting that the original carpet used to cover transition just modified it some. I used 1/8” paneling to fill in the floor of the slide to the ABS strip to make it flush.





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