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Warning, Steps are Open

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The "Steps are open" warning icon is illuminated in the dash panel of my 2002' Signature.

However, when I close the entrance door, the steps do retract.

Advice as to where to start my trouble shooting process?

Am I correct in assuming that the double pin switch in the door jam could be at fault?

I have never seen a similar switch; if needed, are replacements available?



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On my 01 Monaco Dynasty there is a small magnet that closes the circuit when the Spey comes in shutting the light off on the dash. My step is a Kwikee Step series 35. As I understand it Lippert Corporation bought them out. I’ll try and send the link for the replacement. You will have to look under the step for the serial number and see what the switch looks like. You can un plug the wires on the switch and the light will go out and the steps will keep working as they should. The picture on the right is a step with the black magnet attached.  I have not ordered on yet .

here is the phone number for Lipper 574-537-8900



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That’s what did on my 01 Monaco Dynasy. I new it had a couple of issues but the Aqua Hot problem is about to drive me crazy.  I will get there just not sure when. 

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I also had the same issue. The magnet was attached to the step frame with double sided adhesive tape. It had shifted and stopped making connection. I reattached it utilizing the screw holes provided. You can get to it by sliding under that area. BE SURE TO SUPPORT YOUR COACH BEFORE GOING UNDER

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Warning. I recently replaced the steps on my coach. Lippert provided a new contact switch and I had to install it because the steps became suicidal to humans. The steps would extend when the door was closed and retract when the door was opened. After a call to Lippert (and I found their support to be great) I installed the new switch as well. Then the steps were safe to use.

The reason is that the old switch was normally open and the new switch is normally closed (or the other way round, cannot remember). Bottom line, you need the make sure which switch you have before ordering a new switch or it could be a bigger problem.

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