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Georgia Mike

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You have to open the stainless door and its right in front of the hose reel. I pressed it and nothing happened from what i can tell. 

Thanks Mike but its not that. I have switches in front of this area like a false wall that has the power cord reel for electric, water, sani flush, water pump and something else i forget.  This switch is by itself and I traced the wires into a bundle.  Anyways,  just thought someone might know its bugging me. 

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That's the circuit protection for your power hose reel. The switch on the false wall with the other switches retracts the hose when pressed. The switch pictured is a double action circuit breaker that will trip if too much current is detected during retraction. The small switch marked 4 amp will have a white band exposed when tripped. The hose reel will not retract. I think the small switch needs pressed then the larger one to reset the circuit. Then the hose retract switch on the front switch panel should retract the hose. I usually open the panel so I can guide the hose on to the reel so it doesn't tangle causing binding , tripping the circuit.

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