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Cooling Fan module test

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1 hour ago, Brad Kruchten said:

I just Bought a 2005 Monaco Dynasty Diamond IV.  It appears the Radiator fan runs all the time.   Is there a test  Procedure for the module?  Or... just pitch it and go with a wax valve?  

Call Source Engineering in Venetia OR. Best thing I ever did was get their fix for your problem. They also have a web site

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Unfortunately, the Sauer Danfoss electronic fan controller is a high failure item.  

To confirm it's failed start the engine cold and make sure the dash A/C is off.  If you go back there and the fan is literally roaring wide open, then it's failed.  I first started noticing mine was failed when driving slowly down a dirt road and it looks like a tornado behind me.  

I replaced my original electronic controller with a mechanical wax valve from White House Products in the UK.  

This is a link to a thread with great info on the fan controller:


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