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Radiator Hose


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2006 Monaco Cayman

Can anyone help identify the the hose type and size and perhaps part number of the radiator hose that leads from the bottom of the reserve tank to the motor on my Cummins 300 hp diesel? I've measured the id and it appears to be 1.28, the od measured 1.62 and the orifice of the tube exiting the tank was 1.42. Also important is where to obtain it. I can't go anywhere without it and I'm here in sunny Mexico. Any help appreciated.


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You might be best to take a picture with a tape measure on each leg and the pipe diameter (hose internal diameter) to a truck parts store.

AllHose store in Las Vegas (or the equivalent) in Mexico will be able to hook you up with the right stuff.

Get some new full circle clamps too.  More than what you need.  I would also get a coupler in case you need to mod the hose length once you get back to the RV.

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I just replaced all of my hoses about 6 months ago on the exact same coach as yours. For the hose you're referring to I bought an expensive hose made by Trident (wet exhaust) which has a wire reinforcement that spirals all the way through the hose. I was told by a man who worked for Monaco for many years that the metal spiral through the hose is not necessary, in fact he said it would be better not to have it because it tends to cause leaks where the hose clamps tighten up. I think any good quality hose like Gates with the 1 1/4" ID and  1 1/2" OD, if that's what your measurements show, should be sufficient.  


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