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Samsung refrigerator not making ice

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Wow, this is wide open. 

What is the temperature in the freezer?

Did it ever make ice?

Do you have the ice option turned on or off inside the fridge?

With water turned on, are there any visible leaks inside the freezer or ice maker?

I use mine when we are stationary, but turn the ice off inside the fridge when we are traveling.   

Hope you get it right as I love ours.  I leave the fridge on 24/7.  

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14 hours ago, StillRunning_60 said:

My first outing and my Samsung refrigerator is not making ice and there is water in bottle shelf. Thought I had water turned off but still water is accumulating in the bottom self. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hard to make ice with the water turned off......😇 Only kidding!

If my fridge or just the ice maker has been turned off for a long length of time, I generally hit the manual button on the front bottom of the ice maker to force the ice maker to run through its first cycle. After that it seems to work fine. This is what I have been doing with the fridge I had installed in my 2002 Windsor.

If you are getting water collecting in the fridge under the crisper bins, then your fridge defrost drain line is clogged up and frozen with ice.

I have documented somewhere on this site as to the problem and the solution. This luckily happened to me within the first 6 months of owning the fridge in the Windsor back in 2012 so it was done under warranty,

I recently purchased a 2006 Dynasty with a Samsung RF-197 and I did not assume that the retro-fit of the larger Defrost Drain Clip had been installed so I checked and it had not. Took it apart and installed the clip and also a length of copper wire as a back up. Don't want to have to do it while using the coach this summer up in New Hampshire. 

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