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Baggage door slam latch

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Has anyone replaced any of these lately.  I've got one broken but will probably buy extras.

I have a parts diagram for my baggage door latch and it shows a vendor part # of 15797-01, this is a trimark part but have not any success finding it. 

The Monaco part is this https://revrvparts.com/item-detail?itemId=45931&organizationId=9

Not a bad price but I'm sure shipping will be high so looking for options.  I did look in the parts list and it showed one from RV Designer.

Does this look like the right one, E521, which is a 2" ?


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On 5/8/2022 at 7:31 PM, Cubflyer said:

I just needed these to repair my baggage door latches for my 2003 HR Endeavor.....


Well, they were relatively cheap and fast fast shipping but didn't work. 

Mine are an assembled metal enclosure that isn't servicable (without a lot of trouble).  I did take one off and disassemble and then had to modify the latch to work.  Only took 1.5 hrs, some cuts, and lots of cussing but got it to work for the time being.

But I ended up ordering these  https://www.ebay.com/itm/183143892844?hash=item2aa43a076c:g:QowAAOSwve1autUY

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