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Missing A/C Condenser?

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So perhaps a silly question but someone will know I'm sure.
While I was changing the SS exhaust tip the other day I noticed that the A/C condenser isn't installed on the RH side even though there is a Fan mounted and hooked up although I found in was seized up. This is on the 97 Dynasty that my Dad bought new (build date around Aug 96 but registered on all papers as a 97).
So checked the 95 Dynasty that I bought in 2011 and sure enough there it is on the same RH side. So perhaps it’s in another location or part on the installation up front.
I have checked wiring diagrams that I had and compared them to those on Monacoers and interesting is that up to somewhere in 96 they show the A/C Condenser Fan wiring and then a 97 drawing ( with a dated Aug 95?) that same fan assembly disappeared with no mention from that drawing.
So I have to assume that Sometime in 96 Coburg stopped putting in a Condenser ? But they put the Fan Assembly in place and wired up.
I'm sure it was running before it seized up.
Sorry for the long story but hopefully someone might know the answer.
Thanks for any information.

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My 96 HR Endeavor Diesel also had the rear pax side vent and electric fan.  I think it had the A/C condenser there.  When the fan seized, the dash A/C quit blowing cold until it was replaced.  PIA to replace that fan. 

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