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So I had a coolant analysis done and it’s too rich of concentrate. It’s suggested thru their math and my coolant capacity that I drain 3 gal out and top off with water. I can get roughly two gallons from the reservoir tank and refill there. I understand it is not ideal procedure but will it eventually mix? I’m not concerned about cold weather for many mo affecting that reservoir filled with water. 

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The reservoir is a surge tank and there is a constant flow of antifreeze through it.  My 2002 Windsor 350 ISC has a small hose coming from the top of the engine and going to the top of the surge tank.  There is a constant flow of coolant, at a pretty good flow, several gallons per minute. 

If you put "distilled" water in there it will mix quickly, nothing to worry about. 

If you need drain a little more coolant there is a drain on the bottom of the radiator. 

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Better to ask/confirm then take a chanc

Take a good look at the surge tank, the original design was prone to cracking/failure. 

Mine had small cracks in it when I bought in 2008 that were weeping.  I got creative and used gorilla glue to fix, this lasted until ~2014 and the cracks started to weep some more so I bite the bullet and replaced with a similar design but one made of nylon which is suppose to be much more robust.  Mine has been in ~8 years and still looks like new. 

Veurinks use to sell a replacement nylon tank but not any more, they only offer a steel https://shop.findmyrvparts.com/monaco-rv-steel-surge-tank-overflow-tank-01806583S-p/190014s.htm

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