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1999 La Palma Roof AC low airflow

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Barely feel air coming out of the vent holes. Its cold but my 5000 btu window unit pushes air out faster than the roof unit. I was told to check the motor if its clogged... would i do that from the roof or inside?


And perhaps i have unreasonable expectations of this system... here is the temperature change over time




Vent temps and thermostat settings









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Did this and sealed with duct tape... will report back with another temp reading. Genny been on since 3:30




Did this and sealed with duct tape... will report back with another temp reading. Genny been on since 3:30

Not a big if at all improvement. Im thinking some extra vehicular activites are in my future



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I have the same type of AC as shown in the video. I assume you do also. 

1) Do you get high flow when you open the bypass vent?

If so I would suspect you either have:

    a) A leak on the other side of your cover (the supply side). The video show a person repairing the suction side of the AC, If the supply side is leaking into the roof, then that could cause problems.

   b) Clogged, disconnected or collapsed or obstructed  racetrack.  There are 2 openings in the walls of the supply side. These should be attached to the racetrack that leads to all your vents. If you don't get air out the vents, take the beige cover completely off and look at the supply side. Are there any areas that air might leak out of besides the 2 intentional openings in the sidewall (on on each side). can you see a type of tubing system attached to the openings (you would have to get to look in the openings with a flashlight.). of you have something like a borescope,  that might make it easier. Also, you can remove the vents and check to see if you can see any place the air might leak out of the racetrack (Air system ducting). Its too long and large to be one piece so I am thinking at a joint. It might also have collapsed.


Whatever you find that might impede airflow or allow air to escape the raceway in this inspection, You need to figure out a way to fix it.

BTW, You can use Duct tape, but HVAC (Shiny metallic tape with a paper backing) tape lasts longer and is designed for this job.

Hope this helps.



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I decided to replace both my ~20 year old AC's last year.  While I was waiting for the new ones and getting ready for the change I bought a inspection camera and inspected the main vent line front to back.

I found some holes caused by mice, one was pretty large but all were easily fixed. 

Between my front and rear AC I ran the inspection camera back and found a ~1/2 gap at a duct joint.  No telling how much air was going to waste.    It was not sealed, no tape that I could tell.  Had to get creative to fix this.  I determined the best option was to put a vent in the location of the gap.  Did some measuring and cut a new opening for the same size vent.  The fix turned out pretty good, would never know this was an added vent.

In installed two 15K BTU high capacity AC/heat pumps.  This are larger then the original 13.5K BTU units.  Seems to make a big difference.  Recently excercised the AC. ran both for ~30 minutes and then shut one off.  Outside temps were ~90F, after 2 hours the coach was 74F with only one AC running.  Can't beat that.


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