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50 amp smart EMS

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I have something unusual happening, but have an unusual situation as well. My 50 amp Smart EMS had a display showing I had a 30 amp service. I am connected to a 50 amp service. However, my front A/C /Heat pump penguin unit has a malfunction and I turned off the breaker to that a/c. It is too hot outside to work on it now. It just cycled on day and started blowing hot air. 

 I did go up and check the unit for anything obvious and made sure the capacitors were discharged after cutting off power t that unit.  After I noticed the 30 amp indicator I turned the breaker back on, it now shows 50 amp service.

When I flipped the a/c  breaker on the display was like the power  was restarting . Green lites  coming on from the bottom to top sequentially showing everything coming on line. I have only been in a 30 amp park once , it did not have the 50 amp plug in. Maybe I was only getting 30 amp service from the source or do I need to look for a new problem?

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