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As anyone had to replace the water pump lighted switch on the control panel

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53 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

One other member had just asked the very same question not too long ago.

Is it ON/OFF/ON or is it a Momentary Switch?

I also found the post that I referenced above.


Richard is correct, I believe.  See the post.  There are at least 2 vendors and you can Google some of the various PN.  I DO hope you labeled the wires and took a picture or made a diagram.  I know how this switch works and the various wires, but the diagram baffles me and I have studied it a few times, 


there are,5 contacts.

their are the following leads or wires 

Ground to the switch.  The way it works, the momentary contact switch sends a ground signal back to the pump controller.  So that is 2.

there is a “hot” or the ON circuit that is in parallel with the pump.  So when the pump is ON, that lead powers the indicator light.  Up to 3.

The light needs a ground, so the incoming ground is tied or connected to the OTHER side of the pilot or ON light.

therefore, you only need 4 wires.  I don’t know the other terminal.  

Good luck

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