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After a day at the beach, this sound has started on our way back.  Quite noticeable at higher RPM, not so much at idle.  I noticed some black smoke when accelerating from a stop since and have quickly looked around for obvious boost leaks or other items.  This surging noise is quite loud when rolling down the highway.  Any suggestions? 

Cummins 5.9 ISB 300…with some kind of exhaust brake😉
As always, appreciate any and all input. 

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Boost pressure seems okay.  Was out in it today as I had put a container of Diesel Kleen in to get it sloshed around and working.  Boost pressures seemed to be in the appropriate ranges for what I was pushing for.  
I think I will make a pressure cap for the inlet side of the turbo and see for sure if it’s a boost leak or not.  

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