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Cessna circle shower

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54 minutes ago, Carl Michael said:

Has anyone replaced the plastic insert that the door roller rides on on a Cesana circle shower?

Did you mean Shower Enclosures of America?  SEA.  Google them.  Call and follow the prompts.  Listen or ask for Traico Marinoff.  He is the parts whiz and shipping guy.  He will help you….great service.



Old (2014) thread….not good news…

They, Cesana, folded….some links way back then…..and names….


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The Cesana shower enclosures were used in high end Monaco and Country Coach motor homes.  They are also used in some apartment shower enclosures.  They are very nice quality and manufactured in Italy.  

There is a gray plastic semi circle shaped runner on top of the enclosure that the door rollers roll on.  It requires replacing after about 10 years of use.    

Yes, I replaced ours.  I found a company that ships them direct from Italy for $80.  


There is also a company in NY that sells them.  They were previously over $300, but are now are $82 plus shipping.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/165318917418?hash=item267dc67d2a:g:NDAAAOSwM1FcZz5q  

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