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Splendid Inlet valve washers


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 Hey gang,

Looming for some advice on parts identification. We pulled our Splendide washer out of our HR for some work. Trying to reinstall it and looking for new washers for the couplers / fittings that connect to our inlet valves. They appear to be what I would loosely call a shoulder washer / flange washer that I have seen on plumbing drains in the past. However these are obviously for the hot and cold water supplies. I have attached a couple pictures of our hard plumbed couplings put on at the factory when originally built (I assume) that the washers are for. Locating new washers would be a lot better than cutting out and using new fittings / hoses. Ive tried the local places, Splendide, and HR / Rev direct with no luck.

The coach is new to us and needs a little TLC but we love it so far.

I’m new to this particular forum and so far very excited about the wealth of info. I’m not new to RVing though. Thought someone here could help. Thanks for any info.

2005 Holiday Rambler  Imperial 42PBQ



Also…I would post a pic of the sealing washer itself itself but was pretty much destroyed in the process and only have fragments.

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57 minutes ago, Romeo84 said:

They are little round cones.. u can pick them up at menards home depot lowes.. I think 10 come in a bag for $5. Bring the old 1s with and just ask. 

I appreciate the insight. I know the bonnet or cones you are referencing and these are a bit different. It looks like a much smaller version of the picture.


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