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AC Control Board Confused

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Have the old Duo-therm Comfort Control that controls the middle and rear ac. Control  problem started this morning by showing Mode ON / Mode OFF. Later today, it changed to COOL and was working, but it also showed AUX. HEAT at same time. When pressed MODE again, the AUX HEAT would go off and leave in COOL MODE . AC was working, so don't worry about it until I get home. Then tonight, the Comfort Control is showing MODE ON or OFF and AC is not working. When it is showing MODE ON, if you push the mode button again, it then would show MODE OFF. Looked in Duo-Therm book and did not see anything in reference to this condition. Should I remove control and clean contacts and reinstall or what?

Woody O

2006 Dynasty

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Yes.  Unplug the RJ11 (telephone cable) and clean the ends.  There's another junction for the RJ11 up in the ceiling under the A/C.  Clean those ends also and you may have to replace the connector.  

Use some DeoxIT on the connections.  

Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner, 5 oz.

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