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RF Mogul RFM 1100 Controller

Lee Smith

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My recent purchase of a 2004 Signature included a RF Mogul satellite antenna with an RFM 1100 Controller and two Shaw Direct TV Receivers. All basic functions work well, and the antenna is in very good working order. My goal is to add a Dish Network capable LNB and activate the system.

I need help locating a manual for the RFM 1100 controller.
I need advice on what LNB to use.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback and information from anyone who is currently using this model.

Additionally, I may want to upgrade the controller to the current model Eagle to use with my existing antenna. My antenna shows that it is HD capable, but I would be missing out on the 4K tv ability of the Eagle. Any thoughts on this?

Here are pictures of my system:




Thank you very much,


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I think I have found the solution. Apparently, I will need to upgrade to the RF Mogul Eagle.
According to the following blog post, the Eagle is a pretty easy upgrade from the RF 4100 (Direct TV US):


My system is actually the SHAW RFM-2100 (Direct TV Canada). The RFM-3100 (Dish TV US), the RF 4100 (Direct TV US) and the SHAW RFM-2100 (Direct TV Canada) all share the same 75cm antenna mount so my existing mount should work. I found a site that sells all three systems, but I think it is way out of date for purchasing anything but gives great information on all three systems:


Also, I found a manual for the RFM 1000 controller which I am pretty sure is the same as the RFM 1100 I have. Here is the manual for download:

RF Mogul 1000 Controller Manual.pdf

My current problem is that there are two versions of the RF Mogul Eagle out there: An Eagle II and an Eagle III. They both appear to use the Eagle II Controller. I will continue to research the two systems and post an answer when I find one.


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I finished the research and found answers.

I found two RFM Mogul Eagle authorized sales companies. The file below shows the differences in the various the Eagle systems. There is an Eagle III Dish Network, an Eagle III Shaw Dish Network and the Eagle II Direct TV Network. It appears that they are the same antenna with different LNBs and associated mounts. They all use the Eagle II Controller. Here is the file for this:
RF Mogul Eagle III and Eagle II Comparisons.pdf

Additionally, the second RFM Mogul Eagle seller clearly shows the Eagle II Controller for all of the Eagle Systems. Here is a link for this:

Interestingly, the above site offers the complete RF Mogul Eagle System for quite a bit less than other advertisements. Installation is not included but most of this forum members will do their own installation. That includes me but I have a head start as I can reuse the mount, coax, and control cable from my existing RFM 2100 System.

Finally, the RF Mogul site manual download file only specifies the Eagle II controller as follows:

A lot of information but I like to be sure before I order anything.


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I have communicated with RF Mogul. I talked with them on Friday and sent a text today asking for advice on what to do about the RFM-21000 System to get it working with Dish Network. They have been very responsive but while waiting to hear back I was able to Google search and find out what looks like all of the information that I need.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to salvage my version of the RF Mogul system.

It turns out that in August of 2015 Dish made a programming change that made it impossible for the Mogul Gen 1 RFM 2100 to lock onto the Dish satellites. The Mogul Gen 1 was no longer being manufactured and the source code was not available to change the RFM-2100 to enable a satellite lock.

At that time (August 2015) RF Mogul explained the problem and offered a solution for all Gen 1 owners to transition to the new Eagle 3 system. According to the information I found, the Eagle 3 will directly bolt onto the RFM-2100 footprint and use the same control wire and coaxial cable. 

Therefore, it looks like a very reasonable solution is to upgrade to the Eagle 3.

If you are interested in the details, the following PDF download explains them:

RF Mogul Gen 1 End of Life Notice.pdf

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