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Generac Muffler joint gasket?


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1 hour ago, Burgboy said:

So I went down to see the generator muffler and noticed its missing a bolt. I add a bolt and theres still a problem gap. I understand im supposed to get some kind of gasket. This looks like damage, not sure if anyone knows what i could use as filler?





Can’t make too many recommendations without a clearer, better lighted picture.  BUT….

It appears that the exhaust manifold flange is bent and distorted…..like it was superheated and had the muffler pull away and bend it.  That really was “HOT”.

Typically, you can use JB Weld Extreme Heat for repair, but the distance or width of the crack is challenging.  You might be able to remove, totally, the exhaust pipe adapter.  Then assess the damage.  Whether or not you can apply enough to fill the void is the issue.  I would remove the pipe.  You also need to use a hex head bolt as a replacement.  It is gonna, due to the heat, seize up.  The Phillips recess will not allow much torque.  I’d use a Dremel tool to get to fresh shiny metal before applying the JB ExtremeHeat weld.  Build up the void in a couple of thin layers.  Use a file or a small grinder to slot or abrade the fresh JB Weld surface for good adhesion or cross linking.  Eventually you are going to have to flatten the repair to mate with the exhaust pipe flange….as well as put in the correct gasket.

worth a try….might work….but beats total tear down and complete manifold replacement.


Good luck.  Pictures if it works are nice as well as feedback

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