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Looking for those who have(or had) Kenwood A/V in dash set-up?

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I have attached a pic of our dash tuner/camera in the current set-up both are Kenwood.

My question is has anyone rewired the rear/side cameras from the right screen to be viewed thru the unit Kenwood (kvt-516)on the left?  It looks to me like that unit can support video? Screen is good and its in a easier place to check while on the road.

We find the position of the current camera monitor on the right and down low to be in a really inconvenient place.  If we can move the camera view to a better location on the left thru the current unit, then we can replace the current camera view monitor with a new audio unit that is more user friendly and that the passenger can easily access. It would be great to change this without having the replace everything cost wise and proceeding down into 20220930_165607.thumb.jpg.ff2c5d6de92980fab9919c368fb03d70.jpgthe usual redo rabbit hole!


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Your '09 is very similar to my '07, and I did my version of mods:

I typically drive with the Aladdin showing the engine page and have the rear camera displaying on the other screen so I can watch the toad.  Pressing the source button I can toggle to the GPS screen as necessary.  I also have my Sony Home Theater feeding that monitor too so another push of source and I can toggle to select music from the USB stick on the Sony.  The Aladdin monitor can toggle to a CD changer but I have much more music available via the USB in the Home Theater (and it sounds better) so I haven't used CDs in years.  I ran the A/V cables over door and tucked in behind the windshield pillar trim into the dash and across for Video and Audio (audio into the Aladdin side box so I could route front Dish TV audio to rear bedroom speakers for music when I'm working in the rear office (Winchester III layout with desk over the dog house). I put a simple A/V Y cable on the rear camera feed to split to both monitors.  Aladdin monitor still functions as original, just used the additional source inputs on both boxes.  Pictures are probably worth a thousand words...




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55 minutes ago, Wildwood said:

Thanks, very helpful…so you could see rear camera on left unit if you wanted by splitting?

Yes, left unit functions usual ... Cameras automatically follow turn signals and reverse gear, or are manually selectable as are the other Aladdin pages ( Engine, water, electric, clock pages, etc )  on the left monitor.  Right monitor is rear camera (split feed to both) or gps or sound system independent of left monitor with one minor thing being the Aladdin must be powered up to supply power to rear camera.  And naturally bed room monitor is unaffected as it is a slave to the front (left) Aladdin monitor.  The box in the dash has a lot of video/audio inputs and outputs and is under utilized.  You can select what input you want to output on the output RCA connectors.  I believe if I had more feeds of something useful to display the hardware could easily handle the switching.  

I'm reading between your lines and it sounds like a previous owner might have just moved the rear camera feed to the right monitor rather that splitting it to both?  Are your other cameras still on the left?

Anyway, best wishes as you customize things to your individual likings.

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I have a Kenwood stereo I installed.  I added a RCA splitter from the rear camera feed and sent 1 leg to the Aladdin and the other to the Kenwood camera input.  I usually keep my TOaD on the Kenwood and RV vitals on the Aladdin. I do not have the ability to see side cameras on the Kenwood, but wasn't going for that personally. 


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