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Turn Signal Assembly Broke

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While driving home yesterday, turn signal lever broke when activated to change lanes. Handle appears fine, but small plastic part broke off. Turn signal is now stuck in right turn mode. Without pulling the fuse, any suggestions on how to turn off? Who might have the parts to repair and is it easy fix?

Thanks, Jim Boland

Monaco Camelot 42KFQ

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You might try a screw driver to see if you can get it to go back to center location.

My steering column is a Douglas Autotech.  The turn signal switch is a TS012 based on the parts diagram I have for my coach, here are 3 listed on ebay with a WIDE range in price.


If the plastic is broke not sure if JB weld would work or not, worth a try.

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I'm not sure what broke. If it was the lever then you should be able to turn the wheels to the right and back and cancel the signal. If it was the internal latching mechanism then you should be able to turn it off with the lever.

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