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2002 Monaco Dipl Storage Bay Lghts

Larry Maida

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Ok so this is probably going to give you talented folks a chuckle but here goes. I cannot figure out how to get my storage bay lights to go on. I remember replacing all of the bulbs and they all worked well:  so today I tried to turn them on. There is a switch by pass seat with an indicaror light. There is another in the wet bay. Nothing. I do kinda remember there was something else that needed to be done. I tried having the marker lights on. I tried turning the headlight switch to light the map lights. Nothing. Can someone give me a clue?

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Hi Larry,

I have an 02 Diplomat as well and all my bay lights are controled by the switch next to the passenger seat.

Check your wet bay also, when you open the right hand wet bay door your storage bay light should lite as well as the Left hand wet bay compartment light.

There is a switch in the upper right of the wet bay door that controls the lights when you open the bay door. check that switch mine had rusted and was not working, was able to clean it up and lube it but have heard that some have had to change out the switch. It is a plunger type switch that we had on our older cars that turned on the dome light.

If those are working then I would say the power is good if not I would be looking for a bad fuse.

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