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08 Dynasty Ignition Switch


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Lately I have been getting the symptoms of a faulty ignition switch. Sometimes you turn the key and all is good. Sometimes nothing happens. I remembered reading about this problem since we first aquired our Dynasty. I am positive it is the switch. I watched the videos on removing the bezel and then the tumbler assembly. As an aside one of those videos was from a "good old guy". In order to turn the bezel he put a big screwdriver on the indent and used a hammer to beat some sense into that bezel. WOW!  I see a whole bunch of different part # but it is supposed to be from a 68 to 72 Chev PU. Is that correct?  Thanks

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I just replaced the ignition switch on my '01 Dynasty and got a '72 Chevy pickup ignition switch from tne local NAPA auto parts,  Once the bezel moved a bit , it was easy to remove the rest of the way by hand.  I was having intermittent problems with the accessory solenoid turning on and off.  Since replacement the accessory solenoid turns on each time. 

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