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Cummins ISC wiring diagram needed, specifically for the CAPS connectors

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I have access to the Cummins Quickserve site and have reviewed the diagram 3666267-03 they have available. I did not see any wiring/connections to the CAPS system. Wondering if any one has a diagram that would show any of the 4 pin connectors used on the pump.

2004 8.3 ISC

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Ok I didn’t see where you mentioned the plug coming from accumulator, sorry, ICV is also 4 pin. It’s under the accumulator, on top of rotary manifold 

The plugs coming off the pressure sensors on top of accumulator. 

I’ll look for wiring diagram 

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looked up ICV and a picture shows that it is the connector I am looking for. the end going to the ECM away from the ICV has a 4 pin square connector. two of those wires appear to go to the ICV.  The other two wires go about 3" to a two pin connector. This connector on my motor home is not connected to anything. I am looking for a wiring diagram to determine the function of this pair of wires and if they should be connected.


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