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Cummins Service Centers in NCFL

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I need to take my MH in for a complete service. I just bought it and I have little knowledge of actual last service. Two weeks and counting to our journey beginning as full time RV'ers. Anybody know a good shop in NCFL, with Gainesville being the starting point. Would prefer a 50 mile or so radius but in reality I'll drive to where ever I need to go for reliable competent service. MH is a 99 Diplomat with a 275 HP Cummins.
All thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thanks 

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8 hours ago, Croom352 said:

We use Cummins in Ocala along with Raney's Truck Center. Both are good and would recommend.

I had a search over here, but found an Allison service center because at 65000 mi I found no record of it being serviced.   Lots of shops said "sure we can do a fluid service on it". But I had a higher degree of confidence with an Allison service center.  They seem to have had computer/machine that tested all of the functions.  

Also watch the way some shops quote you.  A local shop that I will never go to again except in desperation quoted me the same price for a fluid service that I pay at my regular shop but they had an earlier available appointment.   Well they're quote apparently didn't include oil or the oil filter the water separator and the fuel filter. So they were happy to tag me for over $200 more for the oil and the filters.  Really p'd me that they would quote full fluid service and not mention that it was only a labor quote.

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