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Water Leak in rear bedroom - drivers side slide

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We have been struggling to find the source (and correct) of a water leak in the rear bedroom drivers side slide of our 2009 Monaco Knight 38 PKQ.  We have had it in to the repair shop twice for this and each time they 'believe' they have corrected, but ....  The first time we were told that the issue was "blocked internal roof eavestrough drains".  This weekend as a result of an old fashioned gully washer storms our carpeting on both sides of the slide is wet, again.  Has anyone else had this issue?  If so how did you detect and correct the source of the problem?

Thanks in advance

Laurice & Jennifer

2009 Monaco Knight 38 PKQ (Faith)

2016 Ford Explorer (Toad)

Sadie - Australian Sheppard

Fort Steele, BC

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We had a similar problem that we chased for quite awhile. Every time I took it to Lazy Days in Tampa they made it worse. I finally found out that there is a small pan at the bottom corner of the slide. The slide has a double rubber seal (outside and inside) and when working on the slide they did not make sure that the inside seal was in the pan. This went unnoticed for quite awhile and developed a severe mold issue. They finally had to remove the bed, take out all of the mold and completely replace all of the carpet. You should be able to see the inside seal by pulling it back slightly and see if it is tucked into the pan.

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Hi Laurice

Since we have the same coach, I might be able to help as mine leaks also. If you still have my number, call me.

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20 minutes ago, laurice@email.com said:

Looks like it’s going to be a long day here at work.  Do you mind if I call you tomorrow?  Don’t want to wake anyone.  

Depends on time. We are usually up till 10-11pm. Tomorrow moving to mountains and service is spotty.

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Laurice.  I attempted to reply a few days ago  but I didn't hit the correct button.  I have a 02 Dip.  At one of the Come Home Monaco Alleys a tech noticed that my slide weather strip was turning in when the slide was out.  He installed a length of "no slip" tape about 1" out from the weather strip which forced the weather strip to roll out stopping any water from entering.  The tech's weather strip became smooth over the years and recently I got lots of water in my bedroom.  I found the weather strip turned in acting like a tunnel pouring water inside the coach.  I have since replace the No Slip, problem solved.  Ken Parsons

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