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Hope everyone is well and keeping safe 


I am trying to find where i can get a replacement fly screen for dynasty 38 bishop as seen in the photo 


Also has anyone ever replaced the clips see in the photo that holds the fly screen in place

Thank you 



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So, I googled “Monaco door screen” and fount the attached eBay listing as first result.

I googled “Monaco door screen clips” and found the other listing. 

you might check out IRV2.com - many have had to deal with these weird screens.


Thanks for asking this. I need to do the same and you motivated me to spend some time fixing this. 




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 If it’s just the screen material that you are needing, any good window and door shop can replace it. If you are needing the entire frame you could contact Northwest RV Supply in Eugene Oregon (541.746.9092).

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Those screen clips that hold the screen panel in place keep breaking. We pitched the screen panel and my wife bought a piece of the exterior black sun screen material and made a new one and sewed velcro on the outer area border. We then cut a strip of velcro and fastened it to the area where the old screen would be. Worked great and it can be removed for cleaning.

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I took the screen out and put a piece of Lexan/Plexiglass in its place.  We leave the entry door open which lets everyone know we are up & about, come on over.  We do not need the ventilation with the sliding windows which supply lots of air flow and it stays cool when using the A/C.

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