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Screws holding Bay Door

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Hello All!

Today, I’m replacing the screws that attach the bay doors on my 2002 Windsor. Seems it would be easy … drill a hole into the frame using a drill bit for hardened steel… right?  I’m having no luck at all. 

Has anyone replaced these screws and if so, what did you do?



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27 minutes ago, Joe Lee said:

Hi Jim - thanks for the tips. Yes, I do believe the old screw is broken off in the frame. I will keep trying!

Re-drill another screw next to it?  The simplest solution might be the best solution.  Just sayin'.

- bob

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If the old screw is broken off you might try (carefully) taking a nail set punch and try driving it through the hole.

Drilling another hole won't solve the problem of having an open hole that would be visible. 

Maybe someone else has another thought on your problem. 

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